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Project Details


JColeBeauty.com is an e-commerce beauty supply store that provides a variety of beauty products, including wigs, toppers, extensions, beauty items, and accessories.

Features Include

  • Custom E-commerce Solution

  • Product Showcasing 

  • Promotional Strategies 

  • Secure Payment Integration 

  • Responsive Design

Project Details


CheckN was designed for remote field team management. It is a multi-platform application, available as Progressive Web App – PWA, iOS & Android app.

Features Include

  • Real-time task management

  • Group chat

  • Status feed updates

  • Geolocations

  • Technician timesheet

Project Details


PartyMonstar is a visual engagement and advertisement delivery application. You can send full screen images, animations and videos, in real-time to any connected device with a single click

Features Include

  • Multi-Event platform

  • User profile

  • Real-time group chat

  • Dashboard controls

  • Role based access

Project Details


Peertracks is a blockchain-powered music streaming platform. It uses blockchain technology to track and store the analytics of streams to automatically distribute royalty payments to artist every 24 hours

Features Include

  • Built utilizing the Soundac blockchain

  • Playlist creation

  • Streaming reports

  • Mobile responsive

  • Android WebView

Project Details


Soundac is a Blockchain specifically tailored for the music industry. It uses smart contracts to automatically pay music royalties directly to the artist instantly.

Features Include

  • Delegated Proof of State (DPOS)

  • 0 transaction fees

  • Self-executing smart contracts

  • Average of 2,000 transactions per second

  • Streams & royalty payments are tracked to the millisecond

Project Details

Right Management Portal

The RMP is the user interface to the Soundac Blockchain. It enables the upload and management of music metadata, redeeming of RYLT tokens and XSD wallet

Features Include

  • Create and view smart contracts

  • Stake tokens

  • Upload metadata

  • Integrated Soundac wallet

  • Witness and platform voting

Project Details


ObolTrade is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading safe, secure and compliant cryptocurrencies

Features Include

  • Web and Android Application

  • Two factor authentication – supports Google Authenticator and Yubikey devices

  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XSD and more

  • UI Light and Dark modes

  • Custom ERC20 token – ObolCOIN

Project Details


PeerTracksGive is a donations platform built for creating and sharing fundraising campaigns.

Features Include

  • Create campaigns

  • Share with social media

  • Multiple forms of payments accepted as donations

  • Reward Donors

  • Withdraw donations to PayPal

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